Teeth whitening is a treatment to lighten teeth and make them free of stains and discoloration.  A perfect and bright smile is something that all of us desire. Teeth whitening becomes important for all of us during the wedding, before THE Big day or event, and at many other social gatherings. The concept of Teeth whitening is so well clear among patients that almost all patients want to get the procedure done. But many a time, your dentist may suggest you with the same or may even prefer you avoid it.

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When do we need teeth whitening?

The most common reason to get teeth whitened is Discoloration of teeth, stains on teeth, a fractured tooth that has discolored with time.

The teeth generally get stained or discolored for various reasons, like illness, aging, because of consuming beverages, and also when you have ill habits. The most common causes are when you have smoking habits or consume beverages, foods that stain your teeth viz. Tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco contribute to staining. These stains basically affect the outside surface of the teeth. There are other reasons for discolored teeth like childhood illness, infection, tooth trauma, and aging. 

The dentist identifies the type of stains on your teeth and may decide the type of procedure that would suit your teeth.

Let us discuss the various teeth whitening methods:

Teeth Whitening Methods-

  • In-office bleaching
  • At-home bleaching
  • Over-the-counter available whitening agents


An in-office bleaching procedure is recommended for patients who require quick results and have heavy staining or discoloration on teeth.

In this treatment procedure, the dentist applies an adequate and effective concentration of material to whiten your teeth. The material is left over a 20minutes time frame and subsequently washed away. The same procedure is carried again if needed.

The dentist takes care of preventing the material from coming in contact with your gums and tongue which is very important. 

Having a professional who has hands-on it on a regular basis can be the safest method you can opt for. The in-office teeth whitening treatments performed by dentists can cost you a little expensive but it is the safest one.

This option gives you quick results and in a few visits.

Precautions after the procedure: Your dentist may advise you to avoid eating too hot or cold food and beverages for a couple of days. Also, you will be advised not to consume stain-containing food like too much turmeric, pigment-containing food, beverages, red wine and abstain from smoking.


This is recommended for patients who do not experience sensitivity in their teeth.

In this method, your dentist fabricates a customized tray for your teeth and then provides you with teeth whitening syringes. The tray with the material needs to be used only in the night or specific duration as recommended. It contains the diluted version of the material used at the dentist’s clinic. It takes more time than the quick results obtained at the dental clinic. 


Teeth Whitening Toothpastes: the results may be seen over a period of time but the effectiveness is much less as compared to whitening done by the dentist. Over a period of time, this toothpaste can be harmful as well. Use them cautiously Whitening Strips

  • They are safer when…..they comprise small amounts of concentrated bleaching agents.
  • They show effective results when……used one or two times or for a set period of time prescribed on the product.

Teeth Whitening Myths

  • Teeth whitening causes loosing of teeth or crack in teeth.

This is a myth as teeth whitening never can affect the strength of teeth and neither can cause a crack in the teeth.

  • It can cause a transient or temporary mild sensitivity on your teeth, but this subsides completely in generally 2-5 days.

 How safe are these procedures?

The treatment is safe when you choose the right whitening treatment. Some of the factors you will need to consider are:

  • Type of stains and discoloration
  • Your previous dental history, including crowns and fillings.
  • Prescribe treatments types of discoloration.

It is best to go with your doctor’s suggestion as to which type of teeth whitening is advisable in your case. 

Do not use the over-the-counter products for too long and on regular basis, as they can cause permanent damage to your teeth in certain instances. 

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