A detailed dental exam can identify a variety of oral concerns in your resident’s or loved one’s mouth, such as ill-fitting dentures or the presence of a broken filling. We are glad to announce that we have upgraded our clinic with a new PORTABLE X-RAY UNIT. This sophisticated unit helps taking the dental x-rays quickly with minimal radiation.

Benefits of Portable X-Ray Machines

  • Portability: With portable x-ray machines, doctors have the option to serve out-of-office patients who would otherwise have difficulty to visit dental clinic. The smallest portable x-ray machines are handheld and weigh on average below 20 lbs, with the lightest coming in at around 9 lbs.
  • Simplicity: Portable x-ray machines are known for their intuitive and efficient design. These easy-to-use machines also interface well with other technologies and PACS systems.
  • Safety: Portable x-ray machines are safe to use. The shield mounted on the front of the unit protects from scattered radiation